Logistics Excellence is our DNA.

Clearing customs quickly and smoothly is a necessary step for every international shipper or importer. Our customs service’s help your export and import by clearing your goods through the ports of Ghana

We are a neutral customs agency, offering a wide range of personalized and professional customs clearance and procedures. For each of these services, we have skilled people with thorough knowledge and experience. We will assist and guide you through all your customs matters.

Our vision is that customs shouldn't cause any delay in the logistic process. We always comply with all relevant legislation.

We also manage your inventory as if it were in your own facility. Eagle Focus Logistics (EFL) is an ideal choice for manufacturers and retailers who are looking to maximize their space by storing materials off site.

Parts and material suppliers and stocking programs utilize our services to allow inventory to be held without taking up important production space.

Distribution and transportation to your customers via EFL trucks and trailers puts you in the driver’s seat. Just-in-time shipments, job-site deliveries, and strict delivery parameters put you ahead of your competition.

We want to offer you the best customs solutions to all your logistic challenges

Logistics Services

• Licensed custom clearing Agents. • Inbound Logistics
• Warehousing • Distribution Management
• Quality Management & Control • Reverse Logistics

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